The fair is only for galleries who can justify at least three exhibitions a year, independent artists are not accepted.

For information you can download the application guidelines for 2019 below.
Applications should be submitted via our online platform, no paper or pdf files are accepted.

DRAWING NOW Art Fair 2019 will take place from March 27th to March 31st 2019 at the Carreau du Temple in Paris and will present more than 70 international galleries selected by an independent committee of leading figures within the art world.

DRAWING NOW Art Fair is the first contemporary art fair in Europe exclusively dedicated to drawing. It gathers 3 exhibition areas at the Carreau du Temple:



This section presents established galleries presenting an artist in focus over at least 30% of the booth.


This section presents artist to be discovered – especially for the french market – in a duo or solo show.


This section presents another aspect of contemporary drawing with specific projects designed between the gallerist and the artist(s).

Exhibitors have their say

« It’s nice to see an art fair as specialized as Drawing Now garnering much attention from the general public, from media, galleries, as well as, and this is essential, from collectors, whether new or experienced (…)
It is reassuring to see that quality is not necessarily a tribute to size, and that in this age of mega exhibitions, plentiful art fairs, and other «huge» events, there is also a real desire for authentic closeness (…)

Drawing Now, I believe, lives up to expectations in terms of encounters, discoveries, and conversations … In addition to its scale, Drawing Now’s success is probably also specific to the media of drawing and its place in the practice of artists, although modest and rarely spectacular (not much is needed for drawing), it reveals a lot and leaves little room for pretense (…). »

Laurent GodinLaurent Godin, Galerie Laurent Godin (Paris), comments collected by Henri-François Debailleux

« A very nice edition with a warm welcome. Many exciting interactions. What a week! »

Marine VeilleuxGalerie Marine Veilleux

« Beautiful energy, and many interactions. The audience and their curiosity make a quality fair where free gesture drawing and creative singularity are the focus of everyone’s attention. »

Vincent SatorGalerie Vincent Sator

« An excellent edition, very well attended, I think the fair has moved up. We had very good feedback. We look forward to returning to celebrate the 10th year of this essential, very well-organized, and lovely fair. »

Eva HoberGalerie Eva Hober

« The 2015 edition was a success for the galleries selected, supported by knowledgeable audiences and real enthusiasts of good draughtsmanship by both young and more historical artists. There’s a real « DRAWING NOW » energy and spirit. »

Emilie Ovaere-CorthayGalerie Jean Fournier

« A very good edition for the gallery with good revenue and new collectors. The resonance of Cathryn Boch’s 2014 award was still very strong this year. »

Marion PapillonGalerie Claudine Papillon

An excellent event”

Anne BarraultGalerie Anne Barrault (Paris)

“A great atmosphere

“Collectors who come to Drawing Now enjoy looking at the works of art, they don’t just fly over the things

Claudine PapillonClaudine Papillon, Galerie Claudine Papillon (Paris), comments collected by Roxana Azimi

Simply superb

Juan Carlos Bendana-PinelBendana l Pinel Art Contemporain (Paris)

« We are all very satisfied of the Carreau du Temple and the collectors also »

Benoît PorcherBenoît Porcher, Galerie Semiose (Paris) comments collected by Roxana Azimi

DRAWING NOW PARIS has matured and you can sense that in the way it’s organised, in the partnerships, the show’s programmes, but it’s also reflected in the attitude of the collectors coming to the show. We noticed that attendance was more international than in years past, “fairgoers” who are accustomed to major European shows but who now include DRAWING NOW PARIS and the Salon du Dessin de la Bourse on their show calendar. From a sales standpoint, this was the best DRAWING NOW PARIS we’ve had since we started showing here. 

François DournesGalerie Lelong

The ambiance at DRAWING NOW PARIS is becoming more and more enjoyable. It starts off happily, the days are punctuated with presentations, performances and signings. Even in this somewhat gloomy market, art lovers were there and, in the end, made up their minds to take action. 

Eric DupontGalerie Eric Dupont

Lots of people, very good feedback for us from institutions, especially private and public Swiss institutions, for three artists: Frédéric Coché, Richard Müller, Delphine Pouillé. 

Brigitte NégrierGalerie La Ferronnerie / Brigitte Négrier

Enthusiast press clippings

« Drawing Now, the Contemporary Drawing Art Fair, is becoming one of the most interesting events in the Parisian market, that facilitates discoveries. »

Philippe Dagen, Le Monde, 2015

« Perfect light, an enjoyable stroll, and a focused approach. Perfect equilibrium. (…) Since moving to Paris’s Carreau du Temple, Drawing Now attracts solid attention. Every year, this contemporary drawing art fair continues to grow. »

Emmanuelle Lequeux, The Daily of Art, 2015

«…Drawing Now is well-sized (73 galleries of which 48% are foreign) where one wanders through a joyful mix of familiar names (…) and new discoveries… There are many, such as Pierre Seinturier, whose one man show at Georges-Philippe Vallois sold out in an hour… »

Valérie Sasportas, Le Figaro, 2015

“This year’s event, the 8th, was buoyed by 87 galleries, half of which came from abroad. It was one of the best Contemporary Drawing Art Fairs. Its success is due […] to the current situation of drawing, a concept here understood in its broadest sense of graphic creation on a small or medium format: pieces that are oSen intimate or experimental, playing upon categories and modes. The closest possible proximity between spectators and creators was coupled with the interest to discover little known artists, and little known work by established figures.”

Philippe Dagen, Le Monde, 2014

An art fair for the curious art lover”

Roxana Azimi, Le Quotidien de l’Art

Sunday 30 March, and the results exceed all expectations, with over 20,000 visitors, with large numbers coming from abroad, especially Italy and Holland. This was accompanied by record sales of drawings acquired for between €1500 and €30,000”

Valérie Sasportas, Le Figaro

“At a time when the art market swears only by London and New York, Paris becomes the world art capital for a week thanks to the wild world of drawing.”

“Dessine-moi une collection” (“Draw me a collection”) - Arts Magazine, April 2013

“The appealing and interesting Drawing Now is back for a seventh year…/… there are primarily drawings on display, but also collages, prints, mixed media. Pencil, watercolour, gouache, ink, pastel used separately or together. There is a broad variety of materials and techniques, styles, too. And something else makes Drawing Now unique. Here, with rare exceptions, there are only works from living artists, in many cases, young artists. This is even more significant when we note that, over the last decade, new generations of artists are very happy to work on paper. One would expect that from painters, but it is also confirmed on the part of those who do installations, sculpture, sometimes even video. It is therefore not unreasonable to expect to see signs of an impending trend or a fad here.”

“Têtes coupées et terreurs de papier” (“Severed heads and paper terrors”) by Philippe Dagen - Le Monde, April 13, 2013

“This is one of the strengths of Drawing Now, a show dedicated exclusively to contemporary drawing: putting on the market quality works of widely varying prices…/… The growing strength of drawing on the contemporary art market could well be due to its ability to capture the strengths, tempos and evolutions of the world.”

“Le dessin, absolument tendance” (“Drawing is downright trendy”) by Dominique Legrand - Le Soir, Belgian daily – April 10, 2013

“The event’s organisers, led by Chairwoman Christine Phal, decided to innovate further, making Drawing Now or the Salon du Dessin Contemporain a dynamic event, and thus one with a future.”

“Le dessin superstar à Drawing Now” (“Drawing Now’s design superstar”) by Roger Pierre Turine - Lalibre, Belgian daily, 5 April 2013

“A gamble that succeeded for the team led by Christine Phal, who championed this project. When first proposed, it seemed utopian to many naysayers. Now it has earned the status of a major, must-see show. The incredible variety of the drawings presented makes this event an essential one, even for beginners.”

“Drawing now Paris : le dessin au présent !” (“Drawing Now Paris: drawing in the present tense”), Paris Capitale, monthly, March 2013

“Though the chilly economic climate seems to have frozen French collectors’ wallets, drawing remains one of the few media not to have scared them off.”

“Démarrage positif sur DRAWING NOW” (“DRAWING NOW off to a good start”) by Roxana Azimi – Le Quotidien de l’Art, 11 April 2013

“… a nice balance between innovation and maturity…/… Once again, Drawing Now is a place where one can make genuine and delightful discoveries.”

“Drawing Now, le rendez-vous du dessin contemporain” (“Contemporary drawing gathered at Drawing Now”) – Connaissance des Arts, April 2013

“The show’s internationalisation is particularly conspicuous this year, and presenting international galleries and artists is our priority,” says the show’s chairwoman. “In fact, 30% of exhibitors in the Reference section are foreign; and 50% in the Emergence sector.”

“La recette à succès de Drawing Now” (“Drawing Now’s recipe for success”) by Eléonore Thery - Le Journal des Arts, 29 March - 11 April 2013

“Now a must on the contemporary art calendar, Drawing Now, the Salon du Dessin Contemporain…/… is held for the seventh time this year and, thus, the age of reason. “But, as pointed out by the event’s chairman, Christine Phal, this greater maturity does not hinder the ‘dash of the irrational that has its own surprises in store!’”

“Drawing Now, l’âge de (dé)raison” (“Drawing Now, the age, or lack, of reason”) by Vincent Delaury – L’Oeil, April 2013