What’s the Drawing Society?

Committed to promoting contemporary drawing around the year, Christine Phal and Carine Tissot created the Drawing Society to fulfill their wish to unite connoisseurs, art professionals, and like-minded individuals in their support of contemporary creation.

After creating the DRAWING NOW Art Fair in 2007, they diversified  their contributions to drawing with the Drawing Hotel and Drawing Lab in 2017;

Each DRAWING SOCIETY subscription helps the realization of exhibitions and events.

DRAWING SOCIETY members benefit from advantages of all three entities devoted to the promotion of contemporary drawing in the art scene in France.

The DRAWING NOW Art Fair, the Drawing Lab, and the Drawing Hotel make Paris vibrate to the rhythm of contemporary drawing all year round!

Around the Drawing Society


This year, five artists will be shortlisted for the 2019 DRAWING NOW Art Fair (DNAF) Prize among the eligible artists presented at the fair.

Their names will be announced during the exhibition of the 2018 DNAF Prize winner, Michail Michailov, at the Drawing Lab Paris.

Chosen amongst each gallery’s artist in Focus, the eligible artists have no age constraints. The objective of the Prize is to encourage the work of a mid-career artist using the medium of drawing, which is a momentous stepping-stone of an artistic career.

The Prix DRAWING NOW committee includes members of the Fair’s selection committee and SOFERIM, the award’s leading patron, represented by Jean Papahn. Once the committee has seen and gathered to discuss the five artists’ works at the DNaf, the winner’s name will be announced at the Fair’s opening on Wednesday, March 27th.

He or she will be awarded 5,000 Euros and a personal exhibition at the Drawing Lab in the following year.

Michail Michailov, winner of the 2018 Drawing Now Prize

Exhibition Danse de Travers, de Christian Lhopital, october 2018


Library / Kids selection / Games / Stationery / Design


The Drawing Lab is a private art center dedicated to contemporary drawing that Christine Phal, a patron of contemporary drawing and founder of the DRAWING NOW Art Fair, launched in 2017.

The nonprofit organization’s program is determined by an art committee, including

  • Daria de Beauvais, curator at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris
  • Agnès Callu, researcher at the Institute for Aesthetic of Arts and Technologies (Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne/CNRS)
  • Sandra Hegedüs, founder of SAM Art Projects and collector
  • Elsy Lahner, curator at the Albertina Museum in Vienna
  • Philippe Piguet, art critic and independent curator

Christine Phal’s personal dedication, with the support of the Drawing Society, allows to

  • organize diverse events for all audiences
  • produce four exhibitions a year
  • publish catalogues
  • provide free entry to everyone

The venue’s mission is to disseminate contemporary drawing to many audiences.


The Drawing Hotel is a four-star boutique hotel with 48 rooms near Palais Royal in the center of Paris. It was created in 2017 by Carine Tissot, entrepreneur, art collector, and director of the DRAWING NOW Art Fair. Passionate about contemporary drawing, she gave 6 artists carte blanche to turn every floor’s corridor into a permanent work of art. This warm and welcoming location, is open to the city and its inhabitants via its bar and courtyard patio. It also houses the Drawing Lab and its gift shop. ​


The Drawing Hotel is a unique destination and invitation to explore the art of contemporary drawing.

Drawing Hotel, 17 rue Richelieu Paris 1er