Founder of Drawing Now Art and the Drawing Lab, Christine Phal received the Franco-German Prize for Cultural and Creative Sectors at the opening of the 15th edition of Drawing Now Art Fair, onMay 18 at the Carreau du Temple, Paris 3rd.


"The Franco-German Prize for Cultural and Creative Sectors was officially created in 2013 under the high patronage of the French and German Ministers of Economy and Culture, as well as the Ministry Federal Plenipotentiary for Franco-German Cultural Cooperation, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty. [...] The Jury chose to reward Christine Phal, because she is the leader and pioneer of the market of contemporary art fairs exclusively dedicated to contemporary drawing. Cultural trade is one of the nine sectors awarded the Prize Franco-German Cultural Sectors. In addition, Drawing Now Art Fair was built around strong exchanges with the actors of Franco-German culture. This dimension has endured ever since and is found both at the thematic design stage and at the level of the galleries and artists present on the stands and in the annual thematic exhibition. Two artists from the German scene, Katrin Strobel and Thorsten Streichardt, were invited to participate in the artistic proposal of this 15th edition entitled Hyperdrawing."


Extrait of the text by Professor Jérôme Duval-Hamel in the catalog of the 15th edition of Drawing Now Art Fair, available for sale at the Show.

© Ayka Lux Saywho / Agence Coolhuntparis
Christine Phal


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