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21 & 24, rue Béranger
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Presentation of the gallery

Galerie 193 was born in 2018 from a passion for contemporary art associated with travel and discovery.

Today, its programming embraces a dialogue between the different forms of contemporary art and an encounter with the public.

Through its artistic selection and strong scenographic proposals, the gallery, located in two locations at 24 & 21 rue Béranger in Paris, offers a celebration of colour and matter, diversity and the legitimacy of the global art scene.

Avoiding clichés, the Galerie 193 team crosses borders to meet local art venues.

The curators work on themes and select emerging and established artists, guided by the richness of their different cultures.

The sustained growth of 193 Gallery is driven by constant evolution, the expansion of a family of dedicated professionals, the representation of new artists, the organization of conferences, events and the connection of creators, audiences and public and private institutions.
In addition, to foster experimentation, 193 Gallery launched a residency program in January 2023 in one of its Parisian spaces, becoming an experiential place rooted in creativity and innovation.

Finally, 193 Gallery expands its international presence, developing special projects, from collateral exhibitions of the prestigious Venice Biennale (April 2024 "Passengers in transit" by the Centre of Contemporary Art Lagos - CCA, Lagos), to collaborations with artists who cross continents such as Africa with Asia, and America with Europe.

Presentation of the artist in focus

Francisco Vidal was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1978 to Cape Verdean and Angolan parents.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the Escuela Superior d'Art et de Design de Caldas de Rainha, Portugal, in 2002. He then obtains an MFA at the
Columbia University School of the Arts, New York, USA in 2012 before attending the independent Maumaus program at the Maumaus School of Visual Arts in Lisbon in 2015.

Known for his large-scale paintings, drawings and installations, Vidal's aesthetic is based on Cubist influences, African textiles, 80s hip-hop culture as well as graffiti and contemporary street art.

Although born in Portugal, the artist considers himself strongly connected to the African diaspora. Thus, it explores the themes of postcolonial personality, transcultural identities and refers to agricultural work and its tools, in particular the
machete, symbol of the liberation movement struggles of Africans.
Vidal constantly questions political dissent and the spirit of social revolution. Traversing mediums, the artist mixes precise techniques and an expression of freedom.

In 2012, he founded the e-studio Luanda with Rita GT, António Ole and Nelo Teixeira, a collective of artists based in Luanda with the aim of offering an art education program and exhibitions.