Archiraar Gallery

General Sector
Booth A7


Rue de la Tulipe, 31A & 35A
Brussels 1050

Presentation of the gallery

Founded in 2012 by architect Alexis Rastel, Archiraar Gallery represents international artists of the emerging generation and collaborates with curators.
In a brutalist building in Brussels, its two complementary spaces host projects in resonance. The white cube is the artistic laboratory, the black cube offers a more domestic approach.

Presentation of the artist in focus

For this new edition of Drawing Now, Archiraar Gallery presents a project around Mnemosyne.

Focus artist Takahiro Kudo uses the document in a quasi-scientific process.
Untitled (278°C) is the result of an experiment celebrating The Fountain's 100th anniversary. The artist is looking for the temperature of the change in state of a 100 euro note. The Blinkers series is inspired by "Mizutama-collage", Japanese pornographic images. Borrowing the same maneuver of decontextualization, he uses the master key for its restrictive qualities. Recently, Takahiro Kudo has been studying the impact of the sun on newsprint about the events of "Stonewall".

The images in the drawings by Jonathan Rosić and Camille Leherpeur also come from vernacular or historical archives. Repeating the same gestures, Claude Cattelain and Mélanie Berger try to record the traces of our


Takahiro Kudo — focus

Jonathan Rosić

Melanie Berger

Claude Cattelain

Camille Leherpeur