Ferda Art Platform

Insight Sector
Booth IN3


Maçka St. Ralli Apt. 37/5
34433 Istanbul

Presentation of the gallery

Ferda Art Platform, founded by Ferda Dedeoglu, opened its doors in September of 2019. The gallery is based in a historic building in the heart of Istanbul, which used to be Fahrelnissa Zeid’s residence and first exhibition space. The gallery will represent a solo booth with established Turkish artist İnci Furni. Since 2014, İnci Furni has been reexamining and interpreting the primary topics in painting in her site-specific works using collected objects, detritus, and performative patterns for her “Vol.” shows. The artist’s recent “Still Life” works on paper can be seen as a playful experiment as an extension of her ongoing practice.

Presentation of the artist in focus

Using acrylic, gouache, watercolor, and airbrush on paper, the ongoing still life series of İnci Furni reinterprets the traditional topic of still life in the history of painting and turns it into a playful performative drawing process. Since 2014, in her exhibitions titled VOL., İnci Furni re-considers and re-interprets the main themes in painting through ephemera, found objects, performative patterns and site-specific installations.Many discussions to choose from when it comes to painting and pattern; shallow versus depth, abstraction versus representation, epic versus casual, vertical versus horizontal gesture. İnci Furni's works can use all these contrasts on the same surface She plays with them, bends them. By conceptually addressing the idea and act of painting, she transforms still life from images and colors composed on the surface into an installation that spreads across the space.