Galerie Alain Gutharc

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7, rue Saint-Claude
75003 Paris

Presentation of the gallery

Established in the Marais district in 2006, on Saint-Claude Street, Galerie Alain Gutharc continues its work of supporting artists both through regular monographic exhibitions and through their presentation in contexts outside the gallery. Faithful to the idea that a work is built up over the years and cannot be reduced to phenomena of passing infatuation, this role of accompanist seems essential to us. Through this traditional approach to the role of the gallery owner, we believe that we are contributing to the diversity of proposals and therefore of the questions that are the mirror of our time. The gallery thus continues its quest to discover young artists by allowing them to hold their first exhibitions often and by confronting their work with those of artists whose quality of reflection is recognized. At a time when fairs are becoming essential places in the dynamics of the art world, the gallery remains the privileged place where collectors or simple amateurs can share their feelings at the pace necessary for discovery.

Presentation of the artist in focus

Galerie Alain Gutharc is faithful to the idea of continuous work, over time, with artists. A work does not seem to us to be limited to a given moment but must be read in a diachronic perspective and outside of passing fashions and infatuations.

The focus artist, Bernard Quesniaux, has been building his work since the 80s, basing it on drawing which is at the origin of all his productions, in a profusion of forms and techniques. An outstanding draughtsman, he can produce figurative works that denote a skilful know-how, as well as abstract painting dominated by an appearance of gestural freedom. It is the mix of genres that gives the key to a work full of derision and humour. Underneath a false casualness lies a sharp reflection on the nature of painting, questioning the notions of the well done and the failed, the ugly and the sublime. While this work may be confusing in its confusion or richness, it is nonetheless a rigorous approach to the fundamental question of the mystery of a work of art.

On the occasion of Drawing Now 2024, the gallery wishes to offer visitors an immersion in the creative universe of the artist.


Bernard Quesniaux — focus

Edi Dubien

Makiko Furuichi

Suzanne Husky

Kris Knight