Galerie Bernard Jordan

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12, rue Guénégaud
75006 Paris

Presentation of the gallery

Created in 1984 in Paris, the gallery has remained faithful to the impetus given by its first exhibition, dedicated to the graphic work of Robert Motherwell, by cultivating an abundant and rigorous relationship with works and artists. Over the decades the identity of the gallery has refined its fidelities, while maintaining as a guideline never to forbid anything. Bernard Jordan is a man of displacement; Workshop surveyor, instinctive and eclectic. This horizon reflects his desire to open his gaze and expand his field of action. An ambition that he leads with simplicity, to build bridges and tirelessly promote the artists he defends. In conjunction with the programming and monitoring of exhibitions, the gallery has developed an editorial vision. It publishes and co-publishes several books a year to accompany each visitor in his desire to deepen and know the artists and works. In doing so, Bernard Jordan puts into practice an idea of art as a companionship, on a daily basis and in the long term.

Presentation of the artist in focus

Memento Mori presents two different proposals of works on paper that respond to each other, both evoking different states of the body. A large drawing in ink and coloured pencil whose straight lines sketch potential pieces of skeleton suggest a figure lying like a recumbent figure. As well as a series of about twenty coloured pencil drawings mixing drawing and writing, a series of phonetic anagrams of the letters contained in the phrase Memento Mori: ON M MEME ROTI - MEME MOT NOIR - MOIRE MOMENT... create formal and potentially sound language games.