Galerie Eva Vautier

General Sector
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2, rue vernier
0600 Nice

Presentation of the gallery

Since its opening in 2013, the Eva Vautier gallery has been forging links between generations that have marked the history of contemporary art, from the School of Nice and the Fluxus movement to the present day. It represents emerging artists with equal intensity, with an international reputation. The gallery places particular emphasis on the support and advancement of women. His artists develop themes related to the relationship with nature, matter, humans and everyday life. This is how the gallery offers an innovative vision of contemporary art and contributes to the dynamism of the French art scene. His special relationship with Ben Vautier allowed him to have a free and experimental tone that was recognized by institutions.
Exhibiting drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos and installations, the gallery also offers historical retrospectives of artistic movements such as Fluxus, Supports/Surfaces and Figuration Libre. Its space is divided into a temporary exhibition space and a showroom offering, among other things, the publications and multiples of artists that it publishes.

Presentation of the artist in focus

From Gérald Panighi's practice, we keep in mind these drawings in grape format, where the artist transfers fragments of illustrations from popular culture and the mass media to its center and through tracing. Faced with this partially identifiable vocabulary, the artist dares to put his own touch and deliberately limits his intervention to stylistic effects: redundancy, reversal, reframing, opposition, superimposition. The drawing levitates, silently, circumscribed in the empty space, smeared by intimacy, the artist's presence intrudes through stains and stains, voluntary or not. They are due to the mediums used, residues of paint that are still fresh, the grease of the graphite lead accumulated on the edge of the hand during the transfer operation coming back to haunt the paper.


Gérald Panighi — focus

Jeanne Susplugas

Yosef Joseph Dadoune

Natacha Lesueur