Galerie F.

Process Sector
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27 Saint-Pierre Street
60300 Senlis

Presentation of the gallery

Created in 2019, Galerie F. is the natural extension of a project of general interest, that of the Françoise association for contemporary art, whose mission is to disseminate artists throughout their careers (digital platform, calls for applications, international residencies, exhibitions, fairs and an annual competition that involves the commitment of a private sponsor).
Galerie F. pursues this object of dissemination, like an incubator that offers young graduates of art and design colleges to be accompanied in their markets.
The president of the association, Françoise, is the director of this hybrid gallery, a transmitter of memory, she creates links between artists and the actors of a cultural and social economy in movement through multiple supports and tools.
Above all, Galerie F. advocates accessibility, that of the market for young graduate artists, and that of works for amateurs. Located in a house in the historic heart of Senlis (40 km north of Paris, near the majestic Château de Chantilly), the gallery initiates an international program that offers 4 to 5 exhibitions per year, each responding to an intimate approach, favoring a sensitive encounter with the work and practice of the artist presented.
It tries to offer everyone a moment of pleasure and discovery, but also the possibility of giving in to temptation and acquiring a work, a way of giving meaning to one's purchases through the support of an artist.

Presentation of the artist in focus

Stéphanie Mansy vibrates with paper and the trace it impregnates. "Matter is memory", his project at the Casa de Velázquez (Madrid, Spain) has its roots in this postulate. The damage of time, alterations and deterioration tell the story of the object and its history, like the skin of each of us.
In Spain, she embarked on research that traced the nascent life of paper in Europe; interested both in its historicity and in what relics and fossils tell us today about their production process and conservation.
The subject of altered works is approached in such a way as to go beyond the purely scientific framework of conservation and restoration issues. Stéphanie Mansy is interested in the living medium, a skin, a DNA, an imprint of time or a buried memory.
In this eminently documentary and archaeological quest, the artist seeks above all to let himself be surprised. Observations of state, gestures of restoration are so many fragile images that persist and lead him to look into this interstice space, between the manifestation of the past and the energy of the present.
Stéphanie Mansy's work is based on a first body of work collected at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, the Prado Museum and the Casa de Velazquez; It is at the frontiers of research and creation.
At the same time, the artist creates singular itinerant works, conceived as a veritable laboratory in motion. Stéphanie Mansy composes a plethora of works, from her notebooks, editions and engravings, on the fragility of bodies and the importance of preserving a memory.