Galerie Isabelle Gounod

General Sector
Booth C13


13, rue Chapon
75003 Paris

Presentation of the gallery

Isabelle Gounod opened her first gallery in 2004. She moved to Le Marais in 2008, developing the space in 2011 with the "Studio" (showroom).

Paying particular attention to the French scene from the outset, she accompanies and represents the work of Michaële-Andréa SCHATT, Martin BRUNEAU and Jérémy LIRON and more recently, Jacqueline DAURIAC, Florent LAMOUROUX and Moussa SARR.

Particularly known for her support of the emerging scene, she represents Lenny RÉBÉRÉ, Pierre AGHAIKIAN, Audrey MATT AUBERT, Sophie KITCHING, Mikaël MONCHICOURT and Raphaëlle BERTRAN PINHEIRO.

Since 2016, the gallery has also strengthened its position by representing artists from the international scene: Glen BAXTER (UK), Leslie SMITH III (US), Dan BRAULT (CA), Katharina ZIEMKE (DE), Sam JACKSON (UK) and India LEIRE (UK).

In 2020, a first exhibition dedicated to Carolyn Carlson initiated the gallery's commitment to the dissemination of the graphic and poetic work of the Franco-American dancer and choreographer.

The Isabelle Gounod gallery presented the first exhibitions of artists who are now internationally renowned, Julien DES MONSTIERS (2008), Claire TABOURET (2010, 2012 and 2013), Thomas LÉVY-LASNE (2013) and Maude MARIS (2013, 2015 and 2017).

Presentation of the artist in focus

It seems that today things only exist if they are photographed, filmed. The joy of an evening with friends is not enough, you have to capture the image, share it, retouch, perform, put yourself on stage. So much so that the testimony we record has become dearer and more real to us than the event itself. And that everywhere, there is a double reign.

As an image collector, Lenny Rébéré probes the visual spaces of everyday life, in order to stage this ambiguous relationship to virtual worlds and the images they generate, as well as the way in which they modify our relationship with reality.

Whether it is through charcoal drawing, coloured pencil on paper, or ink on sandblasted and inked glass, the works created for the occasion are constructed in the manner of a bandwidth of images with multiple origins, selected, replaced and then reread for their ability to contaminate each other and to dialogue with each other thanks to drawing, in the formal but also contextual details inherent in each image.
Altered anonymous slides, surveillance camera recordings, advertising visuals, found or personal photographs taken by the artist... All these sources have become material for works that are declined as diurnal scenes of a daily and ritual collective life where the notion of time is relative, sometimes absent and sometimes accelerated, with discreet inhabitants - including those of indifference and social renunciation.