Galerie Nadja Vilenne

General Sector
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5 rue Commandant Marchand
4000 Liège

Presentation of the gallery

Established in Liège (Belgium) since 1999, the Nadja Vilenne gallery defends around twenty artists, both established and emerging, Belgian and foreign, in a dimension of great proximity to its artists. She conducts fundamental research on artists with established careers (Jacqueline Mesmaeker, Jacques Lizène, Werner Cuvelier, John Murphy, etc.) accompanies artists with international careers (Suchan Kinoshita, Aglaia Konrad, Olivier Foulon,...) and contributes to the development of start-ups (Loïc Moons, Gaetane Verbruggen, Sandrine Morgante, etc.). Since its creation, it has participated in numerous trade fairs and exhibitions, has pursued an editorial policy and initiates projects outside the walls. Anchored in a conceptual and poetic dimension of art, the gallery willingly turns to all productions, installations, painting, sculpture, drawing and video

Presentation of the artist in focus

We wish to focus attention on a practice initiated in the mid-90s by Jacqueline Mesmaeker: her "clandestine contours", a practice which, as its name suggests, was intended to be clandestine, the dissemination of traces on the walls in the most unexpected places of the exhibition spaces, most often deliberately naïve lines, drawing the contours of objects and animals. During his first experiments in Brussels and Norwich, the artist also demanded that the place be placed in darkness, entrusting flashlights to visitors, a practice that accentuated the clandestine nature of the process. Jacqueline Mesmaeker revived this practice in 2020, designing clandestine outlines on paper, intended – or not – to be transposed onto walls.