Galerie Petra Seiser

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Weyreggerstraße 11
4861 Schörfling am Attersee

Presentation of the gallery

Galerie Petra Seiser was founded in 2020 in Attersee, which lays geographically half-way between Vienna and Salzburg, with a focus on established and emerging artists. Seiser’s background is closely linked to 'Vienesse Actionism', having been a partner in the Heike Curtze Gallery, from this she continues representing some artists from this era such as Günter Brus, Erich Gruber and Chrisitoph Mayer.

Seiser has also developed a roster of emerging artists which reflect her interest in drawing, sculpture and performance. Seiser regularly curates pop-up shows in Vienna with this younger generation of emerging artists like Zenita Komad as well as art fairs.

Presentation of the artist in focus

These ink-on-paper works by Günter Brus were created during the pandemic; They are a fantastic late work. Günter Brus is an important Austrian actionist, illustrator and writer. He is also represented in important French collections, Centre Pompidou, Maison Rouge, MOMA etc