Younique Gallery

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65 Pascal Street
75013 Paris

Presentation of the gallery

Galerie Younique was created in 2005 in Paris by Mathias Bloch.

In the neologism Younique, there is the fusion of "you", the individual, and "unique", the uniqueness of art as the very essence of all artistic creation. It is the combination of these two concepts that generates the unique relationship to art that the gallery highlights; representing strong works of young international creation and recognized artists, questioning the perception of reality.

Specializing in contemporary art (painting, photography, sculpture, installation and video), Younique creates a bridge between France and Latin America: promoting French art abroad and representing Latin American art in Europe.

In 2014, the idea of opening an office-gallery in Lima (Peru) arose and became a reality in 2020. Also in recent years, the gallery has multiplied its projects in Mexico.

Since 2013, Galerie Younique has been a member of the Professional Committee of Art Galleries.

Presentation of the artist in focus

Born in 1986 in Belgium, Priscilla Beccari is a visual artist and musician who expresses herself through drawing, performance, photography, installation and video. In particular, she questions femininity, the human condition, the stages of life, domestic space, the body and sexuality. Her work frequently evokes the social, cultural and political role of women. Like sketches from his inner theatre, the artist ironically sketches in a cruel and neo-surrealist way, the absurdity, the loneliness and the madness of the individual, caught up in a hybrid and comical daily life.

"We find a bit of the violence of a Louise Bourgeois and some motifs dear to Kiki Smith. Bodies, most often women, disjoint, drown, injure or flex. The mother figure becomes grotesque or threatening, love and sexuality are revealed from the angle of docility and/or monstrously cannibalistic desire. Riddled with ambiguities, this work resists well to the weight of its references, sometimes dismissing them in favor of black humor.
Dense and disheveled, this work is not without inspiring a form of resistance, always defeated but infinitely recaptured. One never tires of catastrophes, nor intimate torments, when they are examined in depth, with blurred eyes and clenched jaws. Beyond that, we are seduced by the deliberately harsh aspect of the whole, a thousand miles away from the aesthetic flaws that these themes can arouse in others. There is no glamour or miserabilism, but a rough and acidic line that can touch the bone," explains Benoit Dusart.

Beccari represented the Republic of San Marino at the Venice Biennale in 2017.