Analix Forever

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Rue du Gothard, 10
Chêne-Bourg 1225

Presentation of the gallery

Founded in 1991 in Geneva by Barbara Polla, Analix Forever is an extraordinary gallery, deploying its projects within its walls as well as abroad, favoring collaborations and co-elaborations with many actors in the art world. The discovery and valorization of young creation are decisive, as well as the promotion of three mediums of predilection: video, drawing and poetry – especially when they are anchored in political issues and the depths of the soul.

Presentation of the artist in focus

For Drawing Now 2024, Analix Forever proposes two artists (Insight sector): Alexandra Jabre, a young artist of Lebanese origin living in Great Britain, who presented her first solo gallery exhibition at Analix Forever in 2023; and Curtis Santiago, an internationally recognized artist, but still little known in France, whom Analix Forever hosted in residence in 2017 and then presented as a solo artist in 2018. Both artists work on portraiture: Jabre on portraits of couples inspired by selfies; Santiago on portraits of his real or reimagined family tree.

Santiago, whose ancestral history was interrupted by the transatlantic slave trade, will present an installation with works referencing his ancestors. Alexandra Jabre will take over all the walls at her disposal: suspended bodies, superimposed paintings, portraits of couples. The two artists, although they differ fundamentally in terms of their origins, their genre and their position in the art world, are similar in the way they invest space and in the subjects of their works: ancestral and intimate portraits, memory links on which the future is based. A future that we would like to see in peace.