Invisible galerie

Insight Sector
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2, rue du Petit Puits
13002 Marseille

Presentation of the gallery

Invisible Galerie, located in the heart of the Panier in Marseille and next to the center of the Vieille Charité, has an editorial line that promotes the work of maverick artists to whom it offers the opportunity to be their laboratory of reflection, research and promotion. The structure works on the recognition, acceptance and qualification of the novelty of the work shown. The supported artists are selected without criteria of age or training, but evaluated solely on their ability to invent themselves in a sincere and assertive work. And our ideal audience is also out of the ordinary, because "showing the invisible" should not only be for a few.

Presentation of the artist in focus

Olivier Gruber's ballpoint pen drawings depict a new world.
To enter it, you have to let yourself be guided by a clever graphic design and a fertile imagination.
His approach allows only one constraint, that of the sheet of Canson paper in A3 format, as a kind of basic element allowing him to survey his territories with a light package. Draw everywhere and all the time to sketch on the spot a canopy inhabited by birds and monkeys, languid sloths, haughty flowers. And in his surveys of fauna and flora, he makes his drawings cohabit and establishes an ethology whose boundless fantasy is the common thread. Olivier Gruber's drawings go beyond simple description, they are the gateway to his world, sensual, with its shimmering and subtle colors, with the refined graphics of the engraver.
In this journey, everything is an invitation to joyful astonishment, strong emotion and the pleasure of discovery.