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17, avenue Emile De Mot
B-1000 Brussels

Presentation of the gallery

Since 2016, Natacha Mottart, Christophe Veys and Olivier Legrain have been developing a program focused on national and international artists whose works bear witness to the concerns of a world in the making. Emphasis is placed on promoting a dialogue between different fields of knowledge such as science, history, literature and politics. It is also a gallery where young artists find themselves experimenting with their aesthetic development in relation to environmental and societal issues.

Presentation of the artists in focus

In this series of works on paper entitled "Clouds", Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain address issues related to landscape, whether cultural or natural. The proposed works play with perception between word and image, offering a double reading between form and meaning. Born from a public commission for the Tour du Fanal at the MUCEM in Marseille, this series, although less monumental, remains just as significant. Like a framework equivalent to the tessitura in sound, these works on paper with a blue background reveal a myriad of white letters forming a cloud and, paradoxically less immediately, a word.