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Presentation of the gallery

Galerie Martel was created in 2008 with the desire to defend artists who share the same ambition: to explore new territories and break down the barriers that separate the various modes of expression (illustration, painting, comics, animation, etc.). It is one of the very first galleries to claim the importance of comics and to promote it in its exhibitions as an art in its own right. Anxious to represent the richness of the graphic arts and their diversity, the Martel gallery has not only supported internationally renowned artists, such as Art Spiegelman (USA), Tomi Ungerer (FR), Robert Crumb (USA) or Lorenzo Mattotti (IT), but it has also endeavoured to give a place to young artists, including Brecht Evens (BE), Brecht Vanderbroucke (NL) and Yann Kebbi (FR). With an ever-assertive identity in the
In the field of contemporary drawing, Galerie Martel will inaugurate in 2024 the opening of a new exhibition space in the Ixelles district of Brussels, a major capital of contemporary art.

Presentation of the artist in focus

We are delighted to present the captivating series entitled "Chapelle" by artist Yann Kebbi at Drawing Now 2024. Drawing plays a central role as a subject and a means of expression. Yann Kebbi explores artificial spaces where various artistic practices come to life, such as drawings, prints, monotypes and photographs.
The title of the series, "Chapel", evokes a quiet and protected place, devoid of spectators, creating an almost meditative atmosphere. The drawing acts as a binder, expanding the artist's visual language. Yann Kebbi perceives drawing as a humble medium because of its lightness, immediacy and often modest format. There is a deliberate play of scale and paradox when he presents his work in spaces of museum proportions.
Born in Paris in 1987, Yann Kebbi, an artist of the new French scene, studied at the École Estienne and the Arts Décoratifs in Paris. He shares his talent through publications in renowned magazines. His international exhibitions, notably at the Milan Triennale in 2021, attest to his influence on a global scale. In 2022, Yann Kebbi signed the Las Vegas Travel Book published by Louis Vuitton.


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