Galerie Vachet-Delmas

2 Rue de l’Évêché, 30610 Sauve +33 (0)4 66 80 53 03 Yoann Estevenin À cœur vaillant Somewhere between fascination for the unusual and festive rituals, the work of Yoann Estevenin fosters a vision of contemporary drawing that is vital and vibrant. The aim is to embark the spectator on a journey into the … Read more

C.A. Contemporary Fine Arts Vienna

Piaristengasse 36, Vienna +43 (0)681 1060 6746 General A landscape is a system of interrelated paces, an interpretable text, temporality, history, a narrative. Whenever we reproduce a landscape or nature, we make a statement about the difference between the perception and the existence of an object. In a semantic shift, Letizia Werth integrates … Read more