Toplicin Venac 14/9
Belgrade 11000


HESTIA (gr. /ˈhɛstiə/, Ἑστία - "hearth, fireplace, altar"): in ancient Greek religion and mythology, goddess of the hearth, domesticity, architecture, family, and state. As an independent visual arts space, we operate at the intersection of a commercial gallery and an art residence that includes an extensive library for our residents and visitors. We (re)present emerging and established artists whose research and work fall primarily within the fields of ethnography, anthropology, social science and history. Experiences and voices across cultures and geographies give way to a vision of many worlds. Our mission is to create and propose reflections in the field of contemporary visual arts related to lesser known issues, geographies and peoples as well as less canonical references, somewhat removed from the Western ideal and the already well known.


Biljana Djurdjevic (Focus)