20 rue Saint-Gilles, 75003, Paris

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Florent Maubert created Galerie Maubert in 2010. With an academic background in visual arts and contemporary dance, he chooses to confront mediums in order to create a dialogue between works of art. Galerie Maubert conducts a prospecting work oriented towards young contemporary creation. These young artists, discovered in the first place by the gallery, question above all themes that mark the history of art and become the foundations of our contemporary societies: perception, the study of forms, gesture, use, interstice, movement, trace... These artists are accompanied intellectually, financially and above all humanly as closely as possible by the gallery team. The gallery also represents artists already recognized by the art world (José Loureiro, Nathalie Elemento, Nathalie Talec, Sylvie Fanchon, Nicolas Floc'h...) and historical (Larry Bell, Joachim Bandau, Lucien Hervé...) whose recognition process it supports in the economic, critical and historical spheres. Galerie Maubert is part of the Professional Committee of Art Galleries and Paris Gallery MAP.

Galerie Maubert offers a tour around exploration and overcoming. From the work of Nathalie Talec (in focus), born of the cold and the great explorations, a set of works is drawn linking the landscape and the figure. Reversal of shapes and colors, fall of bodies (especially Nathalie Talec's gold leaf drawings), tears in the landscape. For José Loureiro, a Portuguese artist, shapes – squares, lines, spheres... – come back to life through weight and movement. They fall, cling, roll, bump, hang. Isabelle Ferreira proposes ephemeral landscapes ("Petals"), according to gravity, made of monochrome gouached papers. In his new series "Gaps", the tears of the paper create colorful interstices playing with the field, the off-screen and the reversal of points of view.


Joachim Bandeau (focus)

Nicolas Daubanes

Nathalie Elemento

Atsunobu Kohira