Rue Van Eyck, 29
Bruxelles 1050


Since 2016, Irene Laub Gallery has been exhibiting established and emerging international artists in its Brussels space and at selected international fairs. The artists represented by the gallery are actively engaged in questioning social, political and architectural space. They present a diverse body of work - including installation, video, sculpture, painting and drawing - characterized by a pure and powerful aesthetic. The gallery is thought of as a space for experimentation, allowing the artists to test the boundaries of their chosen discipline, either by testing the physical structure of the work itself and its place in space, or by exploring the relevance of their creations in the social sphere.
In 2018, the gallery invests in a new space and is dedicated to developing a demanding and ambitious exhibition program, aiming to promote a productive dialogue between artists, curators and institutions.


Stijn Cole (Focus)

Fernanda Fragateiro

Lucile Bertrand

Rui Calçada Bastos

Tatiana Wolska