Drawing Now Art Fair is the first contemporary art fair exclusively dedicated to drawing in Europe, created in 2007.

On the occasion of its17th edition, Drawing Now Art Fair will return to the Carreau du Temple in the3rd arrondissement in Paris.

Join us from Thursday 21 to Sunday 24 March 2024 to discover the galleries and artists of this edition!

A selection of international galleries will present their selection of works around contemporary drawing from the last 50 years. The two sectors, Insight and Process, will once again show the most contemporary side of drawing.



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Located on the ground floor, this space welcomes galleries that present an artist in focus on at least 30% of the total surface of their stand.



Located on level -1, this sector welcomes proposals from one or two French or international artists in a context that promotes immersion in the artistic universe.



Located on level -1, this sector hosts projects that combine drawing with various mediums such as photography or animation; or to disciplines such as architecture, pedagogy or history, in short a place where drawing tests its limits.


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Discover the latest catalog of Drawing Now Art Fair, that of the16th edition.
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For our first participation in Drawing Now, we were delighted. Despite the strike, the public, mainly French, came in large numbers. Our presentation dedicated to Daniel Dezeuze was a great success with a dozen drawings sold (2000 - 8 000 EUR). We also sold all the new watercolors "connected to the Universe" by the Japanese Chiharu Shiota (8000 - 10 000 EUR), two new gouaches by Gérard Garouste (20 000 EUR) as well as the drawings of Abdelkader Benchamma (3000 - 15000 EUR) and Oda Jaune (4000-8000 EUR).

Anne-Claudie Coric, TEMPLON

We are very happy to have participated in Drawing Now for the first time. The works of Tudi Deligne and Léonard Combier have attracted a lot of attention and found happy buyers. We met a very specific audience that we are not necessarily used to seeing in more general fairs and this gave rise to very interesting exchanges.

Lara Sedbon, By Lara Sedbon

The gallery has been participating in Drawing Now since its inception and 2023 is one of our best editions in terms of sales and contacts. We saw our loyal collectors and sold to new ones, both works by contemporary artists and more historical works such as Jean Degottex or Claude Viallat. This reinforces the gallery's economy in this disturbed societal context.

Émilie Ovaere-Corthay, Galerie Jean Fournier

The affluence of a large audience, a sign of interest in the richness of contemporary drawing in its various forms and mediums. Suzanne Husky, winner of the 2023 Drawing Now Award, captured the attention of visitors who were able to immerse themselves in this polymorphous work with political and ecological sounds. This show by the welcome that the visitors have reserved us will have been a success.

Alain Gutharc, Alain Gutharc Gallery

The 2023 edition of Drawing Now was a great success for us; The atmosphere is warm and fans were present. After four months without leaving the workshop, Katarzyna Wiesiolek was happy to see her work crowned with such success. The public showed him their enthusiasm and great fervor. The audience for his work is growing. Willys Kézi and Thierry Costesèque have convinced new amateurs they are, I think, satisfied with their presence. Given the context, we can come forward and say that the 2023 vintage of this event is exceptional for us.

Éric Dupont, Galerie Éric Dupont

The most poetic of the Salons: the poetry of drawing is limitless.

Barbara Polla, Analix Forever

Thank you for this fabulous fair. Many wise and passionate collectors. Very great enthusiasm around the works of William Wright from his collectors and newcomers, with sales to French, English, Portuguese, Swiss, American and Lebanese collectors.

Ariane Chauffert-Yvart, Ariane C-Y Gallery

Despite a year tinged with demonstrations in the neighborhood, we had a very beautiful edition this year. The public was there and the feedback on Thomas Henriot's work is raving. This year again the fair proves the true value of drawing in the hearts of collectors.

Romain Houg, Galerie Houg

This edition of DRAWING NOW ART FAIR was a great success for us. We are delighted with the reception given to Marine WALLON's drawings: artistic recognition and commitment from collectors through acquisitions. All the artists represented by the gallery have aroused interest materialized through sales. We love the artistic quality of the Salon, its knowledgeable and curious collectors.

Pascal Marius, Catherine Issert Gallery

Galerie Maurits van de Laar participated for the 12th time in Drawing Now. This edition was succesful with a good reception in the press and by the public of Susanna Inglada's collaged drawings, presented as our focus artist. Her central piece The Fit was sold to a private collection in Lille, further sales of her work and Martin Assig were realized to Parisian collectors.

Maurits van de Laar

Very happy with this 2023 edition. All artists were happy with the presentation, contacts and sales. New collectors joined the gallery accompanied by the loyal public. Institutions have validated upcoming exhibitions for our artists who were present on the stand during the week. The quality of the audience was fairly consistent throughout the week (although Thursday was very quiet because of the strikes).

Florent Maubert, Maubert Gallery

We are very satisfied with the fair. From day one, we made many sales. Collectors who were unable to travel because of the strikes, made purchases at the telephone. We chose to present Marie Claire Mitou's work at Drawing Now, in order to introduce her work to a wider audience and particularly to institutions. These were very present and very well received his work. This recognition of work is very important to us. Drawing is the first event in a rich program this year for the work of MC Mitout.

Claire Gastaud, Claire Gastaud Gallery

A very nice edition this year, we noticed an increase in attendance and very active collectors. Beautiful institutional presence, we had the pleasure of selling three works by Justin Weiler at Frac Picardie. We finish on a sold-out stand with 21 works acquired by very beautiful private collections.

Romain Degoul, PARIS-B

Another very nice edition this year, with a selection of artists and galleries that showed a wide range of contemporary drawing practices. Collectors and institutions were also there despite the events in Paris. The gallery has made many sales, especially on the day of the opening. Drawing Now is a must in spring!

Alexis Rastel, Archiraar Gallery

A very stimulating 1st edition with new collectors for Corinne Mercadier, historical artist in photography, but whose work in drawing is a real discovery.

Valérie Cazin, Binome Gallery

Very nice edition! Loyal collectors but also several sales to new buyers. Drawing now continues to expand its audience, which allows for favorite acquisitions and promising new encounters.

Marion Papillon, Papillon Gallery


Whether it is part of a sophisticated installation, framed, punished or painted on the wall, whether it overflows into the field of video and animation, drawing is everywhere. Once considered a preparatory sketch or secondary document, this medium has become an art in its own right, very popular. The figures bear witness to this: according to the Artprice database, between 2005 and 2014, the volume of drawing auctions more than doubled.

Contemporary drawing: the lure of stroke

"The only Salon du Dessin Contemporain has been held for ten years in the heart of the capital. And nowhere else in the world. »

Drawing Now, Dix ans de dessin

The first Contemporary Drawing Fair initiated in 2007 was confidential. This is no longer the case for its 10th edition not only in celebration, but open to a wide range of perspectives and attractions for those who this most intimate gift of artists rightly titillates .../... The quality and strength of "Drawing Now", A show that all amateurs greet, it is his eclecticism in form as in substance.

The drawing has regained its luster among amateurs

"For its tenth edition, Drawing Now is establishing an already well-established position, looking at the safe bets while valuing emerging artists .../... The model works, because out of the seventy-four merchants, the proportion of internationals is increasing, reaching this year 41%. It must be said that foreign fairs dedicated to drawing are more attached to the paper medium than to the medium in its multiple creative possibilities as is the case at Drawing Now. »


Drawing Now, dedicated to contemporary drawing, confirms its status as the friendliest Fair of the year

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Ten years ago, it was just a shudder. Today, it is undeniable, drawing has won its bet: to be considered as a practice in its own right, as noble as it is surprising.

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